Mutli-Wire new for slabbing of the blocks
Diamond wire technology is leading the way for sawing/cutting/slabbing of granite blocks. RDT recently developed a new product is called mini multi wire for slabbing of the granite blocks. This mini multi wire can cut the granite blocks more efficiently and economically have more advantages than granite frame saw (Gang saw). It can also replace the gang saw (granite) because of its easiness, increase in production while processing of granite. It will improve the production rate and decrease in the energy and also it will improve the productivity. Mini-Multi wires usage will definitely decrease the wastage of granite material at lower manpower. RDT R&D is persistently working on this new product to implement it in the field in better economic price with very good performance. Here RDT is trying to prove and develop new emerging products to granite industry.
Product Details - for Quarrying Purpose
* Any other required dimensions can be manufactured on special request
With the new wires customers gain a decrease in the sawing costs and a improved productivity. Moreover, to avoid the long and costly remounting operations the 7.3 mm is “one use”.
Faster Cutting rate
There is No Vibrations
Decreased energy consumption
Decreased polished process time & energy
For optimum use the following is necessary :
The blocks have to be squared at the top and the bottom before sawing.
The minimum block length has to be 2.5 m or more.
The blocks have to be installed and cemented on three supports
The cement support height has to be in the decreasing order (cutting direction)
The standard wires for multiwires machines are injected with transparent plastic and they contain 40 beads/ m. In general, they are not sharpened. But if you wish we can also supply sharpened diamond wire rope
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